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Pat Mooney vs The Terminator

By Rashme Sehgal

Seventy-five per cent of the biological diversity of this world has already been wiped out, says Pat Mooney, conservationist and crusader against food patenting, in this interview


Working with nature, in suicide country

By Aparna Pallavi

Twenty years after the glory days of the Green Revolution, the yield from Subhash Sharma's farm plummeted, even as input costs increased. He switched to organic farming as a last-ditch effort. Thirteen years on, his farm in Yavatmal is flourishing, and has become a model for hundreds of other farmers


'We must have revised standards for pesticide use in food and water' : M S Swaminathan

By Lalitha Sridhar

As the M S Swaminathan Foundation turns 12, its founder-director Professor M S Swaminathan says that even before the term 'green revolution' was coined, he had warned that overexploitation of soil and water and overuse of pesticides would have terrible consequences


Anand Karve: A new chapter in rural entrepreneurship

By Juned Sheikh

Dr Anand Karve, winner of the Ashden Award for Renewable Energy, has developed ways of harnessing agro-waste into fuel. Karve heads the Appropriate Rural Technology Institute which has developed pioneering seed and irrigation techniques to help farmers


Kani tribals reap financial benefits from wonderdrug Jeevani

By T Shiras Khan

In a benefit-sharing biodiversity model that has made the UN sit up and take notice, the Kani tribals of Kerala share the benefits of the licensing fee and royalties on the sale of wonderdrug Jeevani derived from the 'magical' Aryogapacha plant. The man who has made this global benefit-sharing model possible is Dr P Pushpangadan