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Books & Reports

Why poor rural tribals will remain poor for generations

By Richard Mahapatra

A new survey by the Chronic Poverty Research Centre identified 15 regions spread over six states where poverty is getting concentrated and chronic, and found that tribal and forested areas are likely to remain poor, with the decline in poverty among the rural tribal population going from 51.9% to just 47.3%


NREGS must focus on creating productive assets: CSE study

According to a comprehensive new report by the Centre for Science and Environment, the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme must be strengthened and revamped to provide not just wages for work done but work that will make ecological regeneration possible


The reality of aid

By Dr Sudhirendar Sharma

The ongoing war on terror has subsumed all concerns about poverty, hunger and human survival, says the 'Reality of Aid Report 2006'


Rich countries' commitment to development slipping, says new survey

While the world's wealthiest nations made lofty promises to better the lives of the world's poorest nations, at the G8 summit in 2005, an analysis of their policies on trade, aid, the environment and immigration by the Center for Global Development shows that they haven't made good on their promises


Poverty in India increasingly region-, group-specific, says 'Social Development Report'

A pathbreaking new report assesses development issues like poverty, unemployment, health and sanitation, urban governance, decentralisation, communal relations and how far women and marginalised groups have progressed across the social indices. It finds that the spatial map and social base of poverty in India have significantly changed over time


The world's poor evaluate progress on the MDGs

A new report by ActionAid International asks rural people in 18 countries two crucial questions: Have the rights and freedoms of people in developing countries been enhanced in the process of realising the Millennium Development Goals? And have the burdens on the poor diminished over the past five years?


Give rural poor control over ecosystems to fight poverty: WRI report

With proper management and the incentives that come with control and accountability, ecosystems could generate enough income to lift the rural poor out of abject poverty, says a new report by the World Resources Institute


Global solutions for global crises

By Dr Sudhirendar Sharma

The world will need an extra US$ 50 billion every year till 2015 to reduce by half the proportion of people living on less than a dollar a day. A Copenhagen Consensus report suggests local solutions will not work; the prescription now is for global action


The World Is Richer, Fatter, And Not Much Happier

Consumer appetite has eroded the quality of life for rich and poor, reports 'State of the World 2004'


UN-HABITAT report on global slums

The figures are startling: globally, one billion people now live in urban slums, claims a new report. This number is expected to double within the next 30 years, if no action is taken


Is growth sufficient to alleviate poverty?

By Sheba Tejani

Surjit S Bhalla's new book asserts that it is. In fact, Bhalla asserts that most of the developing world has "caught up" with the industrialised world in terms of economic growth, leading to a significant decrease in global poverty


Budget as the art of delusion

By John Samuel

The rhetoric of poverty alleviation, healthcare and education for the poor in the Union budget is exposed by the allocations actually made. The plan capital allocation for education has declined from 30 paise per head in 2002-03 to 18 paise in 2003-04. And surely the government doesn't expect the millions who can barely afford a roti a day to pay health insurance premiums?