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Land as livelihood vs land as commodity

By Walter Fernandes

All over India, land is being acquired for commercial/industrial use, for realty and infrastructure development. But all over India, this acquisition of land is being bitterly opposed. The battle is between land as commodity and land as livelihood. What are the causes of land alienation? What are its consequences?


Tossed aside in the fast lane to growth

By Manshi Asher

Case studies from Gujarat, the SEZ capital of India, where vast tracts of land have transitioned from agricultural to non-agricultural use. The losers are not the landowners but nomadic pastoralists, small livestock farmers and dalit agricultural labourers who did not own land but were still dependent on it


Chengara: Dalit homeland?

By P N Venugopal

In yet another confrontation with industry, hundreds of landless families -- principally dalits and adivasis -- have occupied the Harrison Malayalam rubber plantation in Kerala. Claiming that the company's land lease has long expired, they are demanding 5 acres of land and Rs 50,000 for each family. A special report from the new battleground of Chengara


Nandigram revisited: The scars of battle

By Tushar Dhara

Nandigram, where villagers have been strongly resisting the acquisition of their lands, represents the cleft between the hopes of an urban middle class high on the promise of growth and development and the anxieties of the rural masses who say all they know is farming and what they want most is land


Yesterday's 'encroachers' are today's rights-holders

By Manshi Asher

The giant POSCO steel plant and port in Jagatsinghpur district of Orissa will displace 471 families in 11 hamlets. For the last three years, local communities have been fighting to retain the land they have been cultivating for generations but which, after Independence, has been deemed government forest land. Will the recently-notified Forest Rights Act give them the locus standi to assert their rights over this land?


The shrink-wrapping of Goa

By Rahul Goswami

Real estate developers have allied with politicians in Goa to create a brand new economy in this well-known holiday state. Already under pressure from dwindling land resources and poor, scanty infrastructure, Goa's rural population is being left out of any socio-economic gains


The pressure on slumlands

By Kalpana Sharma

The Rs 9,300 crore Dharavi Redevelopment Plan envisages a complete transformation of the slum. But it is the soaring value of the prime real estate on which Dharavi is located that is driving the change. There appears to be no real commitment to ensuring that the people who live there, and who, in fact, developed Dharavi, get their entitlements and have a say in the style of redevelopment


Beware of the bulls

By Aseem Shrivastava

India is poised to see a massive real estate boom over the next decade. The market, already worth $20 billion, growing at 25%-35% per annum, is expected to rise to $90 billion by 2015. Can urban areas expand so much without affecting the fortunes of rural communities, especially since land reforms in India have gone into reverse gear since 1991 and the State has bent virtually every piece of protective legislation which had thus far stalled the accumulation of land banks by private corporations?


When we had land

By Aparna Pallavi

How do those who have spent their lives on the land see it? What would it mean to go on living on this land that is giving them fewer and fewer returns? What would it mean to lose it? "With our land we have not just lost our income, we have lost the rhythm of our life, our traditions and beliefs have lost their meaning," says Kamlabai Girhe of Shivangaon village on the outskirts of Nagpur


The idiocy of urban thinking

By Sagarika Ghose

Sixty per cent of India's people are trapped in land and want to escape it, according to this counterview. It is the urban elite who want to see the Indian farmer as frozen in time, seated wisely and calmly next to fields of waving paddy, wearing colourful clothes, speaking in simple profound phrases



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